"Security, safety, cleanliness" That is the motto of "BNB 21"

It is our "O・MO・TE・NA・SHI(hospitality)" to provide facilities that can "stay at ease" with "a spacious and comfortable space".
The guest rooms boasting the largest area in Osaka are careful about the sense of cleanliness and they are official approved facilities in Osaka City so "fire fighting facilities" are of course safe and secure.We are thinking "safe and secure" for the happy memories that we spend with our families and friends, and we are doing from the customer's point of view to constructing facilities so that customers can stay comfortably and securely without feeling uneasy.

Please be assured that "check in" will be handled by the front staff and will be available 24 hours during the stay.

Supporting to make your stay in Osaka full of lively a memorable experience

The facility is accessible from Kansai International Airport for about 30 minutes by express rapet and about 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka station, with Osaka Castle in the symbol, the city of Kudariro, Dotonbori, Universal Studios Japan, a popular standard spot, Kobe - Access to Nara and Kyoto is also substantial It is located in a place where the location condition is very good. In addition, you can spend a relaxing time in a large upgraded room ranging from 50 to 190 m² suitable for families and group use.
Check-in is usually welcomed by the staff and will guide you to your room. Where should I eat at my destination? How can I go to Dotonbori? I will inform you about such questions also with the materials etc. We strive to provide you with "sense of security", "cleanliness", "hospitality" and "satisfaction" so that you can stay at "BNB 21" as one "status" Please come by all means.


It is designated as a hygiene area, a safety surface, etc. in Osaka City, and it is designated as a residential area . Use yourselves with ease.NEW
Reservation with airbnb has started. You can accommodate special rates.Book the roomNEW
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Osaka Castle. We are implementing Nighter until April 15th. You can enjoy Cherry blossoms in full bloom and Osaka Castle that light up at the same time.
The spring break period (March 21 - April 8) can also be used at the campaign fee (15% to 25% OFF).
The facility is available 24 hours a day so you can use it with confidence.
BNB 21 is the 1st anniversary of openness. You can stay at 1st Anniversary special price (15%-25% OFF) till the end of March.NEW
I prayed at Imamiya-Ebisu shrine "えべっさん(Ebisu)" with prosperous business.NEW
Happy New Year. We look forward to BNB 21 this year too.NEW
Why do not you enjoy the night view of Osaka / Kobe?kobe-luminarieHarukas
Would you like to visit Meriken Park see the world's best Christmas tree .?60 minutes by train from BNB 21 to Kobe!
arranging an arrangement flower of "Atelier KINUHA" in the BNB 21 hall.
Painted Yokoyama Taiki "Red Fuji" on the BNB 21 Hole by painter, Hachijo.
It became a certified facility in Osaka city.

National Strategy Special Area Foreign Residency Facility
For Osaka City accredited facilities it will be used for over 2 nights 3 days or more. It is not possible to use it for 1 night. Even if you cancel on 1 night, you will not be refunded.

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Information on "BNB21"

BNB 21 is a national strategy special area foreign residence facility.
Our facility is accessible from Kansai International Airport about 30 minutes by express rapet and about 20 minutes from Shin - Osaka station,
You can spend a relaxing time in a not-so-high room ranging from 50 to 190 m², suitable for families and group use.

401 Presidential Suite